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Origami Brain Rehabilitation Center - Geometrix Event Signs

Created 1/2020. Allegra-Okemos.

Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. 


Origami Brain Rehabilitation Center came to Allegra ready to invest in major signage for events. The clients had a general idea prepared in advance after having talked with our sales team about sign options. They chose Geometrix banners for it’s flexibility and mobility. Extra banners were made so the clients could switch out info depending on the event.


Once the initial plans were received I assessed what digital pieces were needed. I set banners up according to vendor templates and Origami brand standards. Throughout the process I communicated to the clients how the print method for the banners were going to effect the design and dimensions. The first proof was presented to clients in person via PowerPoint with the project lead. Because of the intricacy involved, it was easiest to meet so we could answer questions or concerns in real time. After a few more revisions we were able to land on a final design and displayed below is the completed signage.

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