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Groesbeck Golf Course
Marketing Materials

Role: Design and Marketing Intern | At: Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority | Time Frame: May - July 2018 

Project/s Overview

1. Groesbeck
2. Email Campaign
3. Facebook Posts
4. Competition Flyer
5. Summary

Grosbeck Golf Course Mailchimp email mockup.

Groesbeck Golf Course is managed by Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority. At the time of my intership LEPFA had newly aquired Grosbeck and were establishing design and marketing norms for the course. I aided the graphic designer at LEPFA in some of the marketing creations.

1. Grosbeck Golf Course

I created a banner for LEPFA's email campaign. Emails were periodically sent out using Mailchimp.

2. Email Campaign

A banner at the top of an email letting people know the golf course is open for the season.

Groesbeck Golf Course Mailchimp Email Mockup

LEPFA also maintained a Facebook page for Groesbeck. A portion of their target audience used Facebook to stay updated. It was important to announce events and deals throughout the year.

3. Facebook Posts

A facebook post that says "season pass prices are going up". There is a vector golf course background and icons of peole golfing.

Groesbeck Season Passes (version 1)
Facebook Post

A facebook post that says "season pass prices are going up". There is a vector golf course background.

Groesbeck Season Passes (version 2)
Facebook Post

A facebook post displaying the prices for the Memorial Weekend Special. Friday was $26 and Sat-Mon ws $30.

Groesbeck Memorial Weekend Special Facebook Post

An interest in golf competition was brought to LEPFA's attention and LEPFA hosted Groesbeck's first Junior Scramble. I created a poster that was hung around various LEPFA locations to generate further interest. 

4. Competition Flyer

A flyer mockup for the Junior Scramble. It has a marble background and includes details about the event.

Groesbeck Junior Scramble Flyer Mockup

Interning for LEPFA and working on Groesbeck marketing materials was my first real world introduction to digital marketing campaigns. Brand consistency was key to achieving a consistent and recognizable look. Watching people interact with my designs made my work feel more concrete.

5. Summary

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