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Fluid Chiller - Proposed Project

Created 2/2020 for Fluid Chiller at Allegra-Okemos.

Illustrator and InDesign.


Fluid Chiller contacted Allegra-Okemos looking to update their branding for conventions. Specifically they wanted to make a product booklet for an upcoming cannabis conference. The goal was to create a booklet that seemed fresh and appealing to twenty-somethings. A separate flyer contained the number heavy specifications of the machinery, so my focus was to make the booklet visually appealing and attention grabbing. 

This project never made it to completion  but I enjoyed the time I spent with the layout design, color palette, typography, and image selection. The last four photos on the slide are what I would have sent to the client to get a feel for what they wanted. I offered a few layouts, some that were more word heavy and some that were more focused on photos. Intentionally I  kept the layout flexible enough for changes including density of text and number of photos.

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