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Created 2017-2018 

Illustrator and Photoshop.


This is a collection of items that I've done on the side or that don't have collateral materials to go along with them. Call them one-offs if you like. 


A business card and logo I designed for a family member. Urok offers jewelry items made from polished stones found on the beaches of Michigan.


An album I redesigned in International Typographic Style for a Design Markets and Influences class. I created visual interest by adding a transparency mask that used a cross-section of cardiac tissue. 


Expression and Inquiry is an open sourced resource created for writing classes by three teachers at LCC. While working at Integrated English, I was approached by Sally Pierce and asked if I could design a cover for their textbook. The prompt was "something that makes them interested and something to get them to open the damn thing". 


The National Trout Festival is held every year in Kalkaska, Michigan. In 2018  they opened a festival logo competition. Originality and a clean logo was my intention. I wanted to do something other than the obvious choice. Rainbow trout are a common trout found in the lakes of Kalkaska so I used that as my inspiration for the trout skin.


Evergreen Landscaping is a fake company I created a typographic logo for in my type and communications class. The premises was that  it must look good with or without a graphic. ​


Jules and Jade is a mock furniture company that I created a logo for in my Graphic Design Communications.. I kept the design clean and simple and tried to envision a logo that would last for decades.


A poster I created for LCC Jazz Band that was selected for use by the theatre department. 


A poster I created for All's Well that Ends Well, a Shakespeare play, that was selected for use by the theatre department. 


A figure drawing a created for my Color and Design class. A figure was sketched out on paper, scanned in, and then colored in Photoshop. 

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