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Equipment Fleet Management 2020 National Conference

Created 12/2019 for

National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) at Allegra-Okemos.



NCPP contacted Allegra-Okemos to update a flyer and packet for the EFM 2020 National Conference. The client had previously worked with an independent designer for years and had a great working relationship, but he had gone into retirement. She had tried another local design agency the previous year and did not enjoy the client-designer relationship. She was seeking a new permanent design partnership and requested that I add my own "personal flair" to the packets.

I kept a lot of the design elements from the older versions that I knew she liked but with updated colors, fonts, and layouts. First we created the Save the Date flyer that would be sent out via email. It then became the cover of the packet. The packet contains a synopsis of the events, overall goal, and itinerary of the 2020 conference. Additionally, applications for entering the conference were included separately to fill out and mail in. The applications were also made digital for business to fill out and email in. 

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